US Dry Eye Disease Market 2021: Industry Types, Sizes, Shares, Trends and Forecasts 2027

The dry eye disease market was valued at around US $ 279.68 million in 2018, reaching US $ 377.81 million by 2025, with a CAGR of 4.7% above expectations. Limit. The growing elderly population and various environmental factors are major drivers of the global dry eye disease market.

Key player in the dry eye disease market

Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Johnson & Johnson

Allagan PLC

PLC Shire

TRB Chemedica International SA

Mitotech SA

Nichiyaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Sentiss Pharma’s PVT. Ltd.

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Dry Eye Disease Market Report published by Brandessence Market Research and Consulting Pvt. The corporation provides detailed information on the dry eye disease market from various aspects. This report consists of drivers, restraints, opportunities to help the market grow during the analysis period, and recent trends that support market growth. This report consists of regional segmentation by product type and distribution channel.

Dry eye is caused by tears in the eyes and lack of lubrication, causing a burning sensation and redness. These tears provide lubrication, and each blink spreads the tears evenly and nourishes the eyes. If the tear production and drainage are not balanced, it can lead to dry eye disease. This condition most commonly occurs in the elderly, and even young adults have a variety of environmental conditions that can cause it. Some of the symptoms experienced by people suffering from dry eye can lead to irritation, burning sensation, blurred vision, and even advanced stages of vision loss.

There are many factors driving the growth of the dry eye market, but one of the main drivers of the growth of this market is the growth of the elderly population. Due to the weakness of the muscles and glands of the elderly, it is the most common condition among them. The Population Reference Bureau reports that the number of Americans aged 65 and over is projected to double from the current 46 million to more than 98 million by 2060, a percentage of the total population of the age group aged 65 and over. Will almost increase. 15 to 24 percent. In addition, there are various R & D activities carried out by key players that have led to the development of new drugs and devices to treat this condition. In addition, the population and various other environmental factors are constantly increasing and can affect tear secretion, which leads to dry eye disease. However, strict regulations and the high cost of dry eye disease are expected to impede the growth of the dry eye market over the forecast period.

Global dry eye market reports are from Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Johnson & Johnson, Allergan plc, Shire plc, TRB Chemedica International SA, Mitotech SA, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It is intended for prominent players such as. Senju Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd., Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. , Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Novartis AG, FCISAS, etc.


Subdivision of the dry eye market –

By product type 

Artificial tears

Liquid anti-inflammatory drug

Punctal plug

Secreta gog


By distribution channel 

Hospital pharmacy

Independent pharmacies and drug stores

Online pharmacy


By region

North America




United Kingdom




Asia Pacific




Southeast Asia

Latin America



Middle East and Africa



Other Middle East and Africa


table of contents


1. Chapter-Reporting method

1.1. Survey process 

1.2. Primary survey 

1.3. Secondary survey

1.4. Estimate of market size 

1.5. Triangulation of data

1.6. Predictive model 

1.7. Report USP 

Of 1.8. Report description 

2. Chapter – Global Dry Eye Market Overview: Qualitative Analysis

2.1. Market introduction

2.2. executive summary 

2.3. Classification of the global dry eye disease market

2.4. Market driver

2.5. Market constraints

2.6. Market opportunity

2.7. Dry Eye Disease Market: Trends

2.8. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

2.9. Market attractiveness analysis 

3. Chapter-Overview of Global Dry Eye Market: Quantitative Analysis

4. Chapter-Global Dry Eye Market Analysis: Segmentation by Type

5. Chapter-Global Dry Eye Disease Market Analysis: Segmentation by Application

continuation… …

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