Scaffolding is used to support organ systems and organs that may have been damaged after an illness or injury. This is done using tissue engineering along with regenerative medicine. Tissue engineering is the use of cell combinations with appropriate physicochemical and biochemical factors to replace or improve biological function.

Scaffolds are either cultured in vitro to synthesize tissue or transplanted directly to the site of injury. Scaffolds are manufactured using a variety of biomaterials and a variety of manufacturing techniques. While determining scaffold suitability, some important considerations such as biocompatibility, mechanical properties, biodegradability, and scaffold structure are important.

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Scaffolding Technology Market: Dynamics

The main drivers of scaffolding technology are increased research and development and the benefits of replacing animal testing with real-time biological environmental research. Such studies deal with ethical and regulatory issues. As the use of scaffolding increases, researchers are in a better position to understand the biological activity of certain therapies on the human body.

Synthetic scaffolds are naturally preferred over animal studies because they mimic the biological environment. In addition, this technology has advanced the way scaffolding is manufactured. Manufacturers are now incorporating 3D printing technology applications into the scaffolding manufacturing process.

In addition, the use of scaffolding is increasing in stem cell research, and the number of clinical trials conducted using stem cell scaffolding is increasing. Scientists at the University of Liverpool and the University of Bristol are conducting clinical trials on humans using “living bandages.”

Bandages made from stem cells can revolutionize the prognosis and treatment of sports knee injuries. Meniscal injuries, which are afflicting major populations in the United States and Europe, are difficult to repair due to the lack of blood supply in the white zones of the meniscus. The bandage was developed by Azellon and funded by Innovate UK. Stem cell research has been a close collaboration between hospitals, businesses and universities.

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Scaffolding Technology Market: Regional Outlook

North America is the dominant region of the scaffolding technology market due to the presence of key market players, technology adoption, and increased stem cell and regenerative medicine research businesses. In addition, research institutes are investigating to discover new applications of scaffolding technology in this area.

Scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health have developed a 3D microscaffold technology that supports neuronal connections and helps reprogram stem cells into neurons. Injection of these networks instead of individual cell injections has demonstrated better survival in the mouse brain. The new research, supported by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, has experienced the collaboration of biomaterial experts and stem cell biologists.

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest growing region in which developing countries such as China are collaborating with international players in the field of regenerative medicine.

中国南東大学生命科学研究所とベーリンガーインゲルハイムは、難聴のために内耳幹細胞から有毛細胞を再生することによる治療アプローチを開発するための共同研究を発表しました。研究者のRenjieChaiの専門知識は、創薬と臨床開発におけるBoehringerの専門知識と協力します。中国との共同研究は、Boehringerの新しく設立された組織Research BeyondBordersの下で行われます。



HPMCカプセル市場の市場プレーヤーKoninklijkeDSM NV、Arterial Remodeling Technologies SA、Spine Smith、LP、Orthocell LTD、Invivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp.、Lifenet Inc、Biostage、Inc.、Arsenal Medical Inc、Organogenesis、Inc.、Tissue Regenix GroupPlc。

業界のプレーヤーは、組織の修復と再生のために複数の組織を製造する独自の技術を開発しています。 DSMは、生物学的外科用移植片を製造するための独自のOPTRIXテクノロジーを使用して、ブタ由来の組織を処理します。これらの外科用移植片は、軟組織の欠陥を補強および修復するために使用されます。 OPTRIXテクノロジーは、複数の組織ソースに適用して、さまざまな臨床アプリケーション向けの軟組織再生製品を製造できます。


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